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Single Flavour Softy Ice Cream Machine

Single Flavour Softy Ice Cream Machine

Product Details:


Product Description

Single Flavour Softy Ice Cream Machine

Single Flavour Softy Ice Cream Machine is a high performance compact electrical appliance which is widely used in canteens, cafeterias and restaurants to make ice cream cones and serve it to the customers as a dessert. It is provided with a small control panel to control the dispensing volume of the frozen sweetened cream. It is environmentally friendly as the refrigeration unit produces very less chloro flouro carbons and heat. This compact unit has an excellent dispensing output capacity of 14 litres per hour.

Mr.SOFTY G-1 Bar   (Gravity Feed Series - Counter Top)

Single flavour with gravity feed system (increases product volume up to 40 %). Available in 1 phase(Table Top)


  • Compact model and elegant look
  • New tropicalised design resulting in high product output with low power consumption
  • The machine is very easy to use
  • Insulated dispense head with single tap made of excellent insulating material
  • Provide gravity - feed valve system that mixes air naturally.(overrun up to 40%) 
  • Stainless steel freezing cylinders with direct expansion-cooling system ensuring rapid operation
  • Provide Unique Hardness control to ensures perfect product consistency of ice cream every time
  • Specially crafted beaters with delrin beater blades
  • Independent refrigeration to the hopper ensures the mix is thoroughly chilled both during production and during breaks
  • Thermometers to constantly control storage temperature of ice cream mix in side the hopper at + 4°c
  • The machine with air-cooled condenser
  • Environmental friendly "CFC' free refrigerant and "CFC' free thermal insulation

Technical Data

Model Hourly Production Flavors Pump Tank Capacity (In Liters) Power Supply Installed Power (In K.W.) Condenser Refrigerant Dimensions (mm)
Kg. Liters 125 ml. Portion Voltage Hz. Ph. Width Depth Height
Mr. Softy G 1 Bar 10 14 112 Single   No 7 220 50 1 1.3 Air R-22 / R-404
460 660 715


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